What is PICK-FREE?

PICK-FREE is a website which brings together the joy of sharing and the joy of receiving because we believe that buying and selling is not everything and we want to make the experience of giving and receiving things and services as convenient and accessible as possible.

On this website, users from all over the world can post ads, free of charge, about sharing their items, food, or free services, as well as find, obtain and browse useful things and services.

PICK-FREE is a website where users can place and find different free offers independently and free of charge. The publisher of the ad is responsible for its content and the validity of the information, and for observing intellectual property rights.

I sent a message to the administration but haven’t received a response.

If you have questions, suggestions, or require a consultation, the website administration will kindly hear you out in writing. A response from the administration can take a significant time; however, we resolve to respond to all messages.

How can I contact the PICK-FREE website administration?

You can contact the PICK-FREE administration by writing to the email: info@pick-free.com

How long is an ad active?

When submitting an ad, it is automatically published for a week; however, you can specify another term. You can also extend the term of the ad by 3 days, a week or two weeks, as well as mark the ad as “RESERVED”.

An ad is active while the object or service is available. When you have agreed on giving it away or providing the service, you can mark it as “RESERVED”. If the deal is successful, you can delete the ad or leave it active until the end of its term. Inactive ads will be saved in your account in the section “MY OFFERS”.

Can I report other users’ violations?

If you notice a violation (content of an ad is against the rules, a user violates the rules of the website), please notify us by writing to the email: info@pick-free.com

The website administration reviews every such notification, and if a violation is found, acts in accordance with the website rules.

What ads will be deleted by PICK-FREE administration?

PICK-FREE administration will delete ads with content in violation of PICK-FREE terms of use.

We delete ads that violate the requirements of the laws and regulations, which are prohibited by the laws and regulations, if special advertising requirements apply and these are not observed, if the content of the ad is fraudulent, discriminating, malicious or illegal, if the listing advertises prohibited goods or services, and if it contains information about prohibited goods or services.

Each ad reported by a user of the website will be reviewed.

How can I obtain an item or a service?

Search for things and services of your interest (search on the map by location or by category), find something of interest and send a message to the giver.

Agree how, when and where the item or service can be received.

Receive the item or service you need.

What is the recommended content of an ad?

The content of an ad has to be clear and related to the offer. The attached photo should correspond to the content of the ad and illustrate the item or service offered. When posting your ad, complete all the required fields in order to provide a precise overview of the item or service offered.

How can I give away my own item or offer a service?

Create your user account.

Take photos of the items you are giving away and upload an ad to your account free of charge with a description of the offer.

Choose the most convenient way to contact you (email, telephone, WhatsApp).

Receive requests from those interested through the communication channel you have chosen.

Agree with the item or service recipient on a convenient place and time to receive it.

Is registration on the website free?

Yes, for individuals, registration and posting ads, searching for things and services is free of charge.

For legal entities, a fee is applied for placing PoP-Up events.

I forgot my username or password. What should I do?

Click “Forgot password”, and you will immediately receive information in your email.